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Compiler for javascript templates (for example, mustache) task for Grunt.


Get all templates files (reqursively) from the directory and write it's contents to JSON. So if you had, for example, file /javascripts/templates/index/head.mustache, you would be able to find you template in var TEMPLATES.index.head (in dest file).

All, but if you can get it out from JSON.

install via npm

npm install grunt-jstemplater

and in your grunt.js file:


Create a template task in your grunt config. Templater will guess the intended template engine based on the src filename. Pass the engine option to force a specific engine.

  template: {
    dist: {
      src: 'public/javascripts/templates/**/*.mustache',
      dest: 'public/javascripts/templates.js',
      variables: {
        name: 'TMPL',
        staticPath: 'javascripts/templates'

run with:

grunt template

or for a specific target:

grunt template:dist

src, dest,are required. In variables you can pass 'name': the name of JSON, 'staticPath': folder where all you templates are.