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Grunt in a box is a prepackaged, opinionated grunt system for any javascript library. It prefers convention over configuration.


  • 0.0.x: Basic libraries. JSHint, requirejs, browserify
    • Done by end of February
  • 0.1.x: features
    • Done by end of March
  • 0.2.x: Karma support with auto serving coverage reports.
    • Done by end of April

How to use

// Gruntfile.js 
module.exports = function(grunt) {
    require('grunt-in-a-box')(grunt[, options]);

The options provided can turn on and off libraries that are supported. Any additional supported libraries can be loaded through initConfig in options.

Additional Tasks

Loading additional libraries is easy. Simply provide the libraries you wish to be apart of the grunt.initConfig call by overriding initConfig in the options argument.

// Gruntfile.js 
module.exports = function(grunt) {
    require('grunt-in-a-box')(grunt, {
        initConfig: {
            customTask: { .. }

Supported Libraries

Review the versioning to know what the road map is.


0.0.1: Started the project 0.0.2: JSHint 0.0.3: Clean


  • defaults jshint: true
    jshint: true, // it already defaults to true 
    jshintOptions: {
        all: [


  • deafults clean: true
    build: ['tmp/', 'bin/', 'dist/']