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Global-ify Your CommonJS, via Grunt

This is a Grunt plugin to expose your CommonJS libraries as globals on window. It allows you to produce build artifiacts that are readily usable by people who haven't embraced the magnificence of browserify. You point it at your main module, and it exposes that as a specified property of the global, bundling up everything it requires (including any native module shims) into the output file.

It's based on global-wrap, if you want this functionality outside of a Grunt plugin.


It takes four options, three of which are required:

  • main: the file path of your main module, which you want to expose as a global.
  • global: the name of the global you want to expose.
  • dest: the place where your new global-exposing file should be written.
  • bundleOptions: any browserify bundle options you want to pass along, like debug or detectGlobals. This is the optional option.

Here's a quick sample:

    globalwrap: {
        releaseArtifactsTarget: {
            main: "my-main-module.js",
            global: "myModule",
            dest: "release/",
            bundleOptions: { debug: true }