Stop grunt execution with an error message and exit code of choice.


Cause grunt to stop execution with an error message and return code of choice, preventing subsequent tasks from running.


  1. Change directories to the root directory of your project

  2. npm install grunt

  3. npm install grunt-fail

  4. Add the following line to your Gruntfile.js


The fail task is now available; for example

grunt fail


grunt-fail takes an optional error message and an optional return code as arguments.

For example

grunt "fail:Don't deploy:-26"

If there is just one argument, it can be either a numerical return code, or an error message.

The default message is "Failed on purpose."

The default return code is -1.

More examples

grunt fail:-6
grunt "fail:no thanks"

You can use it in an alias task like this

task('test', ['vows', 'fail:99']);

###Don't set the error code to zero Grunt doesn't consider zero an error, so it won't fail. Don't do it!

###Bugs, etc.

Please report any bugs, feature requests, etc. to grunt-fails's github issue tracker.