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grunt-eco-amd Build Status

Compiles Eco Templates with an AMD wrapper.

Getting Started

Install this grunt plugin next to your project's grunt.js gruntfile with: npm install grunt-eco-amd

Then add this line to your project's grunt.js gruntfile:



Inside your project's grunt.js gruntfile add a section named eco_amd.

The eco_amd section has a compile property, inside which you list the files to be placed in an amd wrapper. Additionally, an options property can be specified inside which an basePath can be configured.

    eco_amd: {
      compile: {
        files: {
          'temp/templates/*.js': 'app/templates/**/*.eco'
      options: {
        basePath: 'app/templates'

When the task runs, the templates will be compiled with an AMD wrapper function and placed in the specified path with the specified extension.