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Easier less task for grunt


Grunt task to compile Less to CSS.

This just has very simple feature, then can be used with less writing. If you want to configrue options more, use grunt-contrib-less, awesome grunt task as official.

npm install grunt-easy-less

The simplest way to add task.

    ezless : {
        options : {
            lessPath : "./assets/less",
            cssPath : "./assets/css"

ezless search the *.less files in ./assets/less (not recursively), compile them to css, and save as the same name in ./assets/css directory.

For example, if you have Less files in lessPath as below,


Compiled css file will be saved as below.


If you want to specify the less file to compile, or want to compile the less files in sub-directories, use less option.

    ezless : {
        options : { ... },
        less : [

The path must be relative from options.lessPath. If less list is not blank, files not specified in the list will be ignored.

  • lessPath : String ("less") - The path to less directory
  • cssPath : String ("css") - The path to css directory
  • verbose : Boolean (true) - Show the message log or not
  • compress : Boolean (true) - Compress the css file or not