Remove code blocks based on environment configuration

Usage with Yeoman grunt file:

Devcode is a fork of grunt-preprocess project, which has been re-written from scratch at the end. Due to the problems I had with that library, along with an excessive amount of code (additional dependency from "preprocess") and I suppose not fully tested functionality.

Currently, I am not interested in using 'devcode' with standalone grunt, therefore I focused on using it paired up with yeoman. However, if you have any additional suggestions regarding configuration, or the code itself, feel free to comment/send pull requests.


  npm install grunt-devcode

Loading devcode into grunt


Build task configuration:

  grunt.renameTask('build', 'original-build');
  grunt.registerTask('build', 'original-build devcode');

Devcode configuration:

  devcode :
    files :
      html: true,        // html files parsing?
      js: true,          // javascript files parsing?
      css: true,         // css files parsing?
      clean: true,       // removes devcode comments even if code was not removed
      block: {
        open: 'devcode', // with this string we open a block of code
        close: 'endcode' // with this string we close a block of code

Devcode usage (html files):

<!-- devcode: !production -->
  <li class="right"><a href="#settings" data-toggle="tab">Settings</a></li>
<!-- endcode -->
this code will show for all environment types but production

Devcode usage (js and css files):

// devcode: !production
  body {
    background-color: red;
// endcode
this code will show for all environment types but production


  yeoman build
- I was unable to find a way to use devcode with a yeoman server task. I will be happy to accept a pull request, if someone figures it out ;-)
- Little code and config files improvements
- Tests