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Configure grunt with a directory of task configuration files.


grunt-configure supports loading a group of configuration files for more organized Grunt configuration!

  • Clean separation of task configuration.
  • User overrides for a specific task will be deep merged and kept in a separate file, this means user overrides can be ignored by version control systems.
  • Support for JavaScript modules.
  • Support for JavaScript modules that are functions.
  • Support for JSON.
  • Support for YAML.
npm install grunt-configure

You call into grunt-configure with a mini match regular expression to select which files you want to construct your configuration from.


If this directory had a file called lint.js it would use the export value of that module and the key lint for the configuration. If someone had a user version, suffixed by a -user (this can be configured) it would deep merge with the lint.

module.exports = {
  files: [
  "files" : ["app/another-feature/**/*.js"]

The constructed configuration would look like this:

  "files" : ["app/another-feature/**/*.js", "app/some-feature/**/*.js"]

Available options are cwd from which to load the file paths from and suffix if -user doesn't fit your fancy. An example of changing the suffix:

configure('./configuration/**/*.js', {
  suffix: '-override'

Now files with that suffix, like "lint-override.js", will be used for the override.