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Compare file sizes on this branch to master

Getting Started

Add this to your project's Gruntfile.js gruntfile:


Then add "grunt-compare-size" to your package.json dependencies.

Then install the plugin with: npm install

The name to use in your own task definitions is compare_size (with an underscore).


Add an entry to your Gruntfile.js's initConfig object, which will define the files to measure the size of. The last file in the list will also be gzipped and measured.

  compare_size: {
    files: [
    options: {
      // Location of stored size data 
      cache: ".sizecache.json",
      // Compressor label-function pairs 
      compress: {
        gz: function( fileContents ) {
          return require("gzip-js").zip( fileContents, {} ).length;
        otherCompressorLabel: function( fileContents ) {
          return compressedSize( fileContents );

To run a size comparison:

grunt compare_size

To get compressed comparisons of a single file:

grunt compare_size::<file>

To add a labeled measurement to the saved list of measurements:

grunt compare_size:add:<label>:...

To remove a labeled measurement:

grunt compare_size:remove:<label>:...

To view all saved measurements:

grunt compare_size:list

To clear out all saved measurements:

grunt compare_size:empty

To clear out all but some saved measurements:

grunt compare_size:prune:keep:alsoKeep:...


Run tests like:

# local grunt install
$ grunt


Copyright (c) 2012 Rick Waldron, Corey Frang, Richard Gibson, Mike Sherov Licensed under the MIT license.