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Grunt multi-task for running closure-compiler for typechecking (non-Closure) javascript source

This task is useful for type-checking (function signatures, classes, structural types, etc.) under certain code organizations that Closure Compiler understands. Unfortunately, Closure Compiler does not understand the IIFE idiom, which is currently hamstringing use as a general javascript type checker. Please vote for these issues if you are interested in seeing Closure Compiler typechecking support working in browser-targeted source:

Getting Started

Install this grunt plugin next to your project's grunt.js gruntfile with npm install grunt-jasmine-runner or add it to your package.json:

"dependencies": {
    "grunt": "latest",
    "grunt-closure-typechecker": "latest",

Then add this line to your project's grunt.js gruntfile:



  • closure_typechecker
    • config name
      • files: Grunt-expanded list of file patterns to analyze
      • report_exclude: Grunt-expanded list of file patterns to exclude from report (e.g. vendor and packaged files)
'closure_typechecker' : {
  app: {
    files: { src: ['app/js/**/*.js'] },
    report_exclude: ['app/js/vendor', 'app/js/release']


After successful configuration, you can run closure typechecking:

grunt closure_typechecker

Or define an alias in your grunt.js:

grunt.registerTask('typecheck', 'closure_typechecker');


Excluding from report: .*app/js/vendor.*
Excluding from report: .*app/js/release.*
Excluding from report: .*app/js/templates.js.*
app/js/namespace.js:3: WARNING - dangerous use of the global this object
app/js/example.js:107: ERROR - actual parameter 4 of Example.NS.prototype.resolve does not match formal parameter
found   : (Object|null)
required: Object
app/js/example.js:111: ERROR - actual parameter 1 of Example.NS.prototype.reject does not match formal parameter
found   : (String|null)
required: String
app/js/example.js:111: ERROR - actual parameter 5 of Example.NS.prototype.reject does not match formal parameter
found   : (Object|null)
required: Object

Release History

  • v0.0.2: added support for grunt ~0.4
  • v0.0.1: initial "release" updated in place since nobody is using this yet ;)


Copyright (c) 2013 Incandescent Software LLC Licensed under Apache License Version 2.0 See LICENSE