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Create a CCB with manfiest information in JIRA

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Getting Started

This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.1

npm install grunt-ccb --save-dev

The "ccb" task


This plugin will grab the commit log from Github from a specified date, and store this to a file. The date is either hardcoded (using the property in the config) or retrieved from a http web service.


This plugin requires a config sections named ccb passed into grunt.initConfig().

    ccb: {
        options: {
            jira: {
                api_url: "",
                proxy : null,
                user: "user",
                password: "password",
                project_id: 12100,
                ccb_issue_type: 20,
                ccb_done_state: 11
            project: {
                name: "Location API",
                version: "1.0.1"
            manifest: "tests/data/manifest.json",
            build_label: "project_123"


  • jira
    • api_url - Url of the Jira api root
    • proxy - Full url of proxy including port
    • user - Jira username
    • password - Jira password
    • project_id - Jira id of the project to post the ccb
    • ccb_issue_type - Jira id of the type of issue to post the ccb as
    • ccb_done_state - The transition id to end the ccb workflow
  • project - TODO: We should use the properties in the package.json here
    • name - Name of the project that is creating the ccb (displayed in the ccb subject)
  • manifest - Path to a file that contains the manifest for this project (this will be the body of the ccb) build_label - The build that created this ccb