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Compiles LESS bundles from project's blocks library.


  1. Look for bundles configs (<%= paths.styles.src %>/bundles/**.json)
  2. Look for dependencies like mixins <%= paths.styles.src %>/bundles/dependencies.json
  3. Find LESS blocks in the project library (<%= paths.styles.src %>/blocks/) and create CSS for every bundles

It's recommended to put blocks that are used on almost all pages in shared.json bundle.

The task will put CSS files in <%= paths.styles.src %> directory and LESS files in <%= paths.styles.src %>/__build directory.

No options so far.


_ prefix: file is generated and uglified/compressed automatically __ prefix: file is generated automatically but NOT uglified/compressed

LESS and concat tasks

{ "blocks": [ "../__paths.less", "../variables.less", "../mixins.less" ] }

{ "blocks": [ "../reset.less", "../fonts.less", "../globals.less", "../layout.less",



The task will create:

_shared.css   # compressed CSS