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grunt-buster v0.1.2

Grunt plugin for running Buster.JS tests in Node.js or headless in PhantomJS.

Getting Started

First, you must install buster globally:

npm install -g buster

Then install the plugin via npm:

npm install grunt-buster

Finally add this line to your project's grunt.js gruntfile at the bottom:


Now you can run the buster task with grunt buster.

Browser Tests

If you want to run tests for the browser environment, you also need to install PhantomJS.


To configure buster, add this to the grunt.initConfig object:

buster: {
  test: {
    config: 'path/to/my/buster.js'
  server: {
    port: 1111

This is entierly optional, and buster will use default values if none is specified.

For available options for buster test run:

buster test --help

For available options for buster server run:

buster server --help


Growl support is optional, but if you would like to use it follow the instructions on how to install it on this site.

Release notes


  • Looks for buster.js in test/ and spec/ in addition to the root folder
  • Fixed corrupt error.png and ok.png (Thanks to Paweł Maciejewski)
  • Removed console non-printable characters from growl text message (Thanks to Paweł Maciejewski)


  • Ensure that tests is not run until PhantomJS finished starting (thanks to Harrison)


  • Initial release


(Package and README format heavily borrowed from grunt-mocha)