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grunt-bump-pom - version 0.0.6

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A grunt plugin to bump the deploy version in your pom xml file

Table of Contents

Getting started

Install this grunt plugin next to your project's Gruntfile.js with:

npm install grunt-bump-pom --save-dev

To remove it:

npm uninstall grunt-bump-pom --save-dev

Then add this line to your project's Gruntfile.js:



Add something like this in your gruntfile:

bumppom : {
  options : {
    files : [
    backup : true,
    bump_from_pom : true,
    bump_from_package : false


files Required

Type: Array


Type: Boolean
Default: true


Type: Boolean
Default: true

Should we bump the version that is in the files given?


Type: Boolean
Default: false

Should we bump the version in the files given from package.json?


Type: Boolean

  ignoreComments                : false,
  ignoreProcessingInstructions  : false,
  createMainDocument            : true,
  prettyIndent                  : 4

Extra options for the xml to json parser. See node-jsxml for more information.


The client code is ment to be self documented. Feel free to browse the code.


Getting started

Download and install the module

$ mkdir grunt-bump-pom
$ cd grunt-bump-pom
$ git clone .
$ git-flow init
$ npm install
$ grunt

And happy coding!



grunt build-patch

This action will update the bump the package.json version, update the changelog and rebuild the readme.


git commit -am "<commit message>"
git push && git push --tags

And you're done!


How to update this readme

If you wish to update this README, edit the relevant .md-files in the docs directory of the webroot and do:

grunt readme

This will update the README.


Found a bug? Have a feature request? Please create an issue.


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality.

If you runt grunt, tests will be run automagically when you save a file. If you want to run tests manually use:

grunt test

Release history


  • 2014-11-13 cf59125 Trying to resolve the version issues
  • 2014-11-13 592e570 Updated package.json
  • 2014-11-13 960048b Updated deps version
  • 2014-11-13 9e50db6 Rebuilt after PR
  • 2014-11-13 2570d31 Merge pull request #1 from reifi/master
  • 2014-11-13 262a312 Rebuilt with bumped version
  • 2014-11-13 67c7e75 Updated semver version
  • 2014-10-27 82f22f6 Merge pull request #1 from reifi/feat-copy-version
  • 2014-10-27 df0f300 renamed generally overused 'copy' param to more unique 'copyversion'
  • 2014-10-27 5ace47e Just copy version from package.json
  • 2014-10-09 e8a0bbc Merge branch 'release/v0.0.1'
  • 2014-10-09 b108be3 Removed backup files for testing, updated readme, built changelog and bumped version
  • 2014-10-09 5d1ca9a Reset version in package.json
  • 2014-10-09 8f6d87d Initial commit

License and Copyright

Copyright (c) 2014 Alexander Vassbotn Røyne-Helgesen, contributors.
Released under the , licenses

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