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Find key name for Angular i18n

This plugin will read all given template files and look for '_key_name' | i18n and try to compare with list of key names from given JSON blob file to look for unused key names.

Getting Started

This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.2

If you haven't used Grunt before, be sure to check out the Getting Started guide, as it explains how to create a Gruntfile as well as install and use Grunt plugins. Once you're familiar with that process, you may install this plugin with this command:

npm install grunt-angular-i18n-finder --save-dev

Once the plugin has been installed, it may be enabled inside your Gruntfile with this line of JavaScript:


The "angular_i18n_finder" task


In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named angular_i18n_finder to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

    angular_i18n_finder: {
      files: [ "views/*.html", "views/**/*.html" ],
      options: {
        pathToJSON: [ "locale/en_US/*.json" ],
        ignoreKeys: [ "Blah", "just a var key name", "what does the fox say" ],

JSON format

We currently support both flat and structured JSON files.

// example of flat file 
  ACTION_DELETE: "Delete this file",
  ACTION_EDIT: "Edit your input",
// example of structured file 
    DELETE: "Delete this file",
    EDIT: "Edit your input",



Type: Array

An array of path to JSON blob file(s).


Type: Array

An array of strings value that is used to ignore any keys that you don't want it to complain about.


Type: String (default: i18n)

A filter name used to perform translation. If you are using an other filter than i18n to print translated strings (ex: {{ '_key_name' | translate }} ), set filter: "translate".


Currently we support both .html and .ejs.