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grunt-analyze-es6-modules is a grunt wrapper around the analyze-es6-modules package.


This plugin follows all of the grunt multi-task conventions. Documentation for the different configuration options can be found below.


Be sure to read the documentation for analyze-es6-modules before using any of the options found below.

  • options: An object containing options passed directly to the analyze-es6-modules package. Documentation for those options can be found here.
  • issueFilter: An optional function that will filter down issues.
  • getIssueSeverity: An optional function that takes an issue and returns the severity for the issue. The severity can be either error, warning, or none. (See more about severity below.)
  • getMessageForIssue: An optional function that takes an issue and returns a string error/warning message.
  • reportIssue: An optional function that takes a severity, a message, and an issue, and reports the error in some way. The default implementation uses console.error and console.warning.

Issue Severity

By default, every issue is assigned a severity. The default severities can be found below:

Issue Type Severity
missingModule error
badImport error
duplicateExport error
unusedModule warning
unusedExport warning

As of now, there are only three severities: error, warning, and none. That may change in the future.

Task Status

This task will return a successful error code if there are no issues with severity error. If there are any issues with severity error, this task will fail. Other severity issues will not affect the task status.

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