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Converts an AMD module definition to an UMD one.

I like the umd wrappers like grunt-umd, however, I don't like defining my dependencies in a gruntfile.

AMD is a nice way to define your dependencies. As a developer, I always just write AMD modules. As consumers of the modules don't necesarily use AMD, I want a wrapper to be able to use the modules globally.

a2umd converts amd style modules to umd style, using the same concepts as grunt-umd. Since the dependencies are already defined in the AMD style, there is no need to define them again.

So start with an AMD module:

define(['pathA','pathB'],function GlobalName(a,b) {
    return {


And use the following grunt config:

    'a2umd': {
        all: {
            files: [
                src: 'src/foo.js',
                dest: 'dest/foo.js'

You will end up with a wrapped module:

(function(root, factory) {
    if(typeof define === 'function' && define.amd) {
        define(['pathA','pathB'], factory);
    } else {
        root.GlobalName = factory(root.a,root.b);
}(this, function GlobalName() {
    return {


Specific features

  • leaves the factory function exactly intact (plain copy)
  • extracts dependency paths
  • extracts local dependency names
  • keeps AMD name if given (as first argument in the define())
  • use the factory function name as global name
  • allows to define custom templates instead of the default one


  • esprima: used for parsing the source file and extracting the relevant parts
  • handlebars: used as a template engine to create an UMD style module




npm i grunt-a2umd

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