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A small full-stack build tool based on Gulp, Babel, Browserify and Sass


npm install grub -g


grub [command] [folder]

Command and folder are optional.

Folder name is searched for in the current working directory and in ./projects.


dev (default)

  • Build client and server folders, if either exists
  • Start server
    • If server folder exists, then nodemon
    • If only client folder exists, then node-static
  • Watch files for changes: compile and reload
    • Client files
      • HTML: Reload server and browser
      • CSS: Live-reload styles
      • JS, assets: Reload browser
    • Server files
      • Reload server and browser


  • Build client and server folders for production

Folder structure

The following folders are expected.

assets - Folders and files inside are copied to build/client

build - Result of build: client and server


All entry files below are required.

  • index.html -> EJS
  • index.js -> Browserify and Babel
  • index.scss -> Sass, auto-prefixer


Entry file index.js is required.

  • *.js -> Babel


If a folder called shared is found in the current working directory, it is included in the require and import path for JS and Sass. This can be used by client files in projects.


--quiet - Quiet mode

Babel presets

The following are included by default: es2015 and stage-0.

To do

  • Configuration for build tasks
  • lint with ESLint
  • test with Ava