PhantomJS wrapper for YUITest

YUITest Wrapper for PhantomJS

A little command line tool for running YUITest html files inside of PhantomJS.

This release supports exiting with the proper exit code to fail a build.

You must have the phantomjs command line tool installed prior to running this.

npm -g install grover
 grover app/tests/app.html yui/tests/index.html loader/tests/index.html editor/tests/editor.html
 Starting Grover on 4 files with PhantomJS@1.5.0
 :) [App Framework] Passed: 246 Failed: 0 Total: 246 (ignored 0)
 :) [YUI Core Test Suite] Passed: 41 Failed: 0 Total: 42 (ignored 1)
 :) [Loader Automated Tests] Passed: 52 Failed: 0 Total: 52 (ignored 0)
 :( [Editor] Passed: 30 Failed: 1 Total: 31 (ignored 0)
     Failed! test: EditorSelection
         Unexpected error: 'null' is not an object
         :( [Total] Passed: 369 Failed: 1 Total: 371 (ignored 1)

This tool is dedicated to Ryan Grove for all his work on YUI over the last year. I told him that my next command line tool would be named "grover" after "rgrove".