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Clean javascript files, remove console.log ect... using groundskeeper


Brunch plugin to remove console statements, debugger and specific blocks of code using groundskeeper.

Install the plugin via npm with

npm install --save groundskeeper-brunch

If you are using uglify-js-brunch or other JS obfuscation packages make sure that groundskeeper-brunch is defined before them in your package.json.

To specify groundskeeper options, use config.plugins.groundskeeper object, for example:

config =
      console: true,                          // Keep console logs
      debugger: true                          // Keep debugger; statements
      pragmas: ['validation''development']// Keep pragmas with the following identifiers
      namespace: 'App.logger'                 // Besides console also remove functions in the given namespace,
      replace: '0'

See groundskeeper for more options