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Grooveshark in your terminal.

Uses to pass messages back and forth between an open Grooveshark instance in Google Chrome and your terminal. In order to achieve this, an instance of a server is spawned as a daemon, serving as the middle-ware between the Chrome Extension and the CLI client.

Don't limit controlling Grooveshark to just your terminal! You can use any client to connect to the server to pass commands to Grooveshark (Android app, iOS app, etc).



Install with npm: npm install -g grooveshark-cli

Chrome Extension

git clone

Load the Chrome Extension:

  • Open chrome://extensions in Chrome
  • Click Load Unpacked Extension
  • Navigate to where you cloned the Grooveshark CLI Chrome Extension repo
  • Open

That's it!


// start the server 
grooveshark start-server
// restore previous queue 
grooveshark restore
// show the queue 
grooveshark queue
//=> Number of Songs: 4 
//=>   1. Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun by M83 
//=> > 2. Midnight City by M83 
//=>   3. Moonchild by M83 
//=>   4. Soon, My Friend by M83 
// play current song 
grooveshark play
// get the status of the player 
grooveshark status
//=> Playing 00:02 / 04:04 
//=> Artist: M83 
//=> Song: Midnight City 
// stop playing 
grooveshark stop
// kill the server 
grooveshark stop-server


grooveshark start-server

Starts the server component as a daemon if it's not running already.

grooveshark stop-server

WARNING: Currently doesn't work. Kill with ps ax | grep node; kill -9 [process id]. Super sorry, can't find a way to kill a forever daemon right now.

Stops the server daemon if it's currently running.

grooveshark play [song index]

Starts playing a song or resumes playback. If an index in the queue is included, play song at that index.

grooveshark pause

Pauses currently playing song.

grooveshark stop

Stops playback.

grooveshark next

Plays next song in queue if there is one.

grooveshark prev

Plays previous song in queue if there is one.

grooveshark vol [volume level]

Sets the volume level of the player (0-100)

grooveshark mute

Toggles mute.

grooveshark clear

Clears current queue.

grooveshark restore

Restores previous queue if there is one to restore.


  • Find a better way to start and stop the server. Currently no way to detect if it is already running or not.
  • Make stop-server actually do what it's supposed to do.
  • Status can accept a format string that returns the status of the player in the format passed in.
  • Document Server API so it's easier for people to write clients to connect and use it.


If you see a bug, raise an issue via GitHub or better yet, submit a pull request!

If there's an issue with the Chrome Extension, open an issue in the Grooveshark CLI Chrome Extension repo.

All feedback and suggestions welcome.


MIT License • © Andrew Kennedy