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    Gringotts Build Status

    A collection of real mixins and utilities supporting common behaviors found in web apps built with Chaplin and Handlebars.

    Some behaviors add properties onto the mixed in class to support default or common properties/behaviors placed on the class's parent prototypes.

    Here's an example of how to use a mixin:

    Mixin = require 'mixin'
    class someModel extends Mixin Chaplin.Model
      mixinOptions: {key1: 'stuff', key2: 'moreStuff'}

    Getting Started


    First you’ll need to make sure your system is ready for development with Node.js. Node Version Manager lets you manage multiple versions of Node.js. Gringotts is currently developed using Node.js version 8.4.0. Once you've installed NVM, run the nvm install command.

    In the future (or if you already have 8.4.0 installed), you can run nvm use in the Gringotts project working directory to switch to the correct version of Node.js.

    Once you're using the correct version of node, run npm install -g npm to update Node.js' package manager to the latest version. It's important to note that npm adds executables to PATH when running the scripts defined in package.json. There's no need to install them globally. At this point, you can install the project's dependencies:

    npm install

    Testing the project

    If you start Karma with npm start, then the specs will run automatically when .coffee files are saved. This will open up a Chrome window with an option to run the tests in the browser via the debug button.

    Alternatively, you can run npm test which will run the specs via PhantomJS and generate code coverage reports.

    Pushing changes

    Make sure to publish a new version tag. First, bump the release version using npm run bump:patch, npm run bump:minor or npm run bump:major. Next, update npm with npm run release. If you need to release a specific version, use npm version directly.


    npm i gringotts

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