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Creates a triangulated orthogonal grid. This is not the same as grid-graph, since:

  • It only works for 2D meshes (though they can be embedded in arbitrary dimensional space)
  • It fills in the faces


Install using npm:

npm install grid-mesh

And use as follows:

console.log(require("grid-mesh")(100, 100))

require("grid-mesh")(nx, ny[, origin, dx, dy])

Creates an nx by ny sized grid mesh.

  • nx the number of subdivisions along the dx axis
  • ny the number of subdivisions along the dy axis
  • origin is the start coordinate for the mesh (Default: [0,0])
  • dx the step vector along the x direction (Default: [1,0])
  • dy the step vector along the y direction (Defulat: [0,1])

Returns A json object with the following properties:

  • cells the cells of the mesh
  • positions the positions of the mesh


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License