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After enabling Greenkeeper for your repository you can use this package to make it work with lockfiles, such as npm-shrinkwrap.json, package-lock.json or yarn.lock.

example screenshot

Greenkeeper badge Build Status Dependency Status devDependency Status js-standard-style semantic-release

Package Managers

  • ✅ npm (including npm5)
  • ✅ yarn

CI Services

How does it work

  1. Detect whether the current CI build is caused by Greenkeeper
  2. Update the lockfile with the latest version of the updated dependency using the package manager’s built in mechanism
  3. Push a commit with the updated lockfile back to the Greenkeeper branch


First create a GitHub access token with push access to your repository and make it available to your CI's environment as GH_TOKEN.

Configure your CI to use the npm/yarn version you want your lockfiles to be generated with before it installs your dependencies. Install greenkeeper-lockfile as well.

Configure your CI to run greenkeeper-lockfile-update right before it executes your tests and greenkeeper-lockfile-upload right after it executed your tests.

This is how it works on Travis CI for the different package managers.


# package-lock.json was introduced in npm@5
- npm install -g npm@5
- npm install -g greenkeeper-lockfile@1
before_script: greenkeeper-lockfile-update
after_script: greenkeeper-lockfile-upload


before_install: yarn global add greenkeeper-lockfile@1
before_script: greenkeeper-lockfile-update
after_script: greenkeeper-lockfile-upload

Testing multiple node versions

It is common to test multiple node versions and therefor have multiple test jobs for one build. In this case the lockfile will automatically be updated for every job, but only uploaded for the first one.

  - 6
  - 4
- npm install -g npm
- npm install -g greenkeeper-lockfile@1
before_script: greenkeeper-lockfile-update
# Only the node version 6 job will upload the lockfile
after_script: greenkeeper-lockfile-upload

Contributing a CI Service

Environment information

In order to support a CI service this package needs to extract some information from the environment.

  • repoSlug The GitHub repo slug e.g. greenkeeper/greenkeeper-lockfile
  • branchName The name of the current branch e.g. greenkeeper/lodash-4.0.0
  • firstPush Is this the first push on this branch i.e. the Greenkeeper commit
  • correctBuild Is this a regular build (not a pull request for example)
  • uploadBuild Should the lockfile be uploaded from this build (relevant for testing multiple node versions)

Have a look at our Travis CI reference implementation.

Detecting your service

Write a test that returns whether this package runs in your CI service’s environment and add it to our ci-services/tests.

Testing your service

In order to test this plugin with your own CI service install your fork directly from git.

+ npm i -g you/greenkeeper-lockfile#my-ci
- npm i -g greenkeeper-lockfile@1

We are looking forward to your contributions 💖 Don’t forget to add your CI service to the list at the top if this file.