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Great Json

The greatjson module is a JSON.parse replacement providing clearer syntax messages with line and column numbers, expected tokens and offending text. In addition, errors are returned instead of thrown.

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Example of parsing with greatjson:

var greatjson = require('greatjson')
var result, error
// example how to use successfully 
if (!((result = greatjson.parse('17')) instanceof Error))
    // It works! I got: 17 
    console.log('It works! I got:', result)
// example of parse failure 
if (!((error = greatjson.parse('qwerty')) instanceof Error)) ;
    // SyntaxError: Unexpected token: expected json value, text:'qwerty' at line:1 column:1 position: 0 (0%) 
// example of missing comma 
if (!((error = greatjson.parse('{"a":5"b":6}')) instanceof Error)) ;
else {
    // SyntaxError: Bad token: expected object comma, text:'"b":6.' at line:1 column:7 position: 6 (50%) 
    // printout of custom error properties 
    var s = []
    for (var p in error) s.push(+ ':' + error[p])
    // Error properties: position:6 line:1 column:7 text:"b":6. 
    console.log('Error properties:', s.join(' '))


(c) Harald Rudell wrote this for the love of node in August, 2012

Great Json is based on work by

JavaScript Object Notation or json is a language-independent text format.

rfc4627: the application/json media type.

JSON.parse in secion 15.12.2 of JavaScript.

No warranty expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.

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