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Grayscale CSS

CSS For Minimalists

Grayscale is a tiny-dynamic-classless css stylesheet designed for rapid prototyping. Use AS-IS or...

CHANGE A SINGLE COLOR and REDEFINE YOUR ENTIRE THEME, complete with light and dark modes.

It may be classless, but it oozes with an extendable style that just rocks!!

All in 2kb gzipped!


  • Tiny, 2kb
  • Classless
  • Dynamic, 15 Custom CSS Vars
  • Pure CSS Theme Generation
  • Includes Light and Dark Themes

WARNING: ever-green browsers need only apply ;)

Check it Out

While Grayscale CSS can generate a dynamic theme based on A SINGLE COLOR, it defaults to a beautiful theme is based on steelblue , and of course that comes in both light and dark variants

Add data-theme="dark" to the html tag for a taste of the dark side



While many of the core ideas are here to keep it as small as possible, there are plenty of tweaks and extras to build to hit that perfect sweat spot

  • some theme colors need sat/light clamped so colors dont clobber eachother

  • theme designs for normally uncustomizable parts:checkbox, radio button, range sliders ect...

  • Im a fan of details & summary, needs to be included

  • toggleable accent color (defaults to theme)

  • documentation around how various layout and designs can be created with just regualar html tags; like main , article, section, or the absence of them


npm i grayscale-css

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