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Graviphoton Build Status


Setup machine globally for graviphoton development

sudo npm install -g bower
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

These npm take care of globally installing the required development tool. You might need to install npm using your systems package manager. Some distros will need you to run npm as root. If you do not wish to install the tools globally you may run npm install in the git clone and then use bower and grunt from the node_modules/ subdir.

Install and build graviphoton.

You may pull all frontend dependencies using bower.

bower install

The project then gets built using grunt. This creates minified css, js and less code.


If running grunt globally does not work for you can use the bundled grunt-cli.


Using JST templates

All files in src/modules/**/*.tpl get compiled to JST templates in dist/templates.js by running grunt jst. The templates may be used with underscore like so.

var template = JST['core/about']();
var results = _.template(template, {})


Navigate to dist/index.html or dist/dev.html. The first one contains thte final deliverable application that loads minified js and css while the latter loads unminified unconcated js and css files.

The subdir test/ contains QUnit tests that may be run using grunt qunit.


Running grunt creates files in dist/.


  • finalize appmodule module and integrate with layout header (need to grok backbone models/sync)
  • final releng concept