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A query engine for grasp - use JavaScript code examples with wildcards.

For documentation on the selector format, see the grasp page on equery.

See also the other query engine for grasp: squery.


Add grasp-equery to your package.json, and then require it: var equery = require('grasp-equery);.

The squery object exposes four properties: three functions, parse, queryParsed, query, and the version string as VERSION.

Use parse(selector) to parse a string selector into a parsed selector.

Use queryParsed(parsedSelector, ast) to query your parsed selector.

query(selector, ast) is shorthand for doing queryParsed(parse(selector), ast).

The AST must be in the Mozilla SpiderMonkey AST format - you can use acorn to parse a JavaScript file into the format.

If you are using one selector for multiple ASTs, parse it first, and then feed the parsed version to queryParsed. If you are only using the selector once, just use query.