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GraphVisor is a React component that facilitates the visualization of interactive, customizable, directed, and weighted graphs.

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Check out the interactive examples on the component's Storybook page.



Property Description Type Default
data The graph data object {nodes: node[], links: link[]} /
nodeType The type of the node: circle or image. If it's an image, the image source must be provided in each node object "image" / "circle" "circle"
nodeSize The size of the nodes number 25
directedLinks Specifies whether the link (edge) is directed or not boolean true
enableDrag Specifies whether the nodes are draggable or not boolean true
distance The distance between two nodes, or the length of the link number 200
color The color applied to the nodes and links string black
nodeClassName The class name applied to all nodes string /
linkClassName The class name applied to all links string /
linkLabelClassName The class name applied to all link labels string /
titleClassName The class name applied to all node titles string /
onClick The function to be called when a node is clicked (node) => void; /


Property Description Type Default
id The unique identifier of the node string / number /
label The text shown under the node string /
image The source of the image of the node (only used if option.type is 'image') string null
className The class name given to the node string null
titleClassName The class name given to the label of the node string null


Property Description Type Default
source The ID of the source node string / number /
target The ID of the target node string / number /
label The label shown on the link string null
labelClassName The class name given to the label of the link string null
linkClassName The class name given to the link string null
color The color of the link string by default, it uses the options.color

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