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    GraphQL Config - one configuration for all your GraphQL tools (supported by most tools, editors & IDEs). The easiest way to configure your development environment with your GraphQL Schema.

    As a developer, you gain simplicity and a central place to setup libraries, tools and your IDE extensions.

    As a library author GraphQL Config makes it easier to maintain the code responsible for handling configuration, loading GraphQL schemas or even files with GraphQL operations and fragments. GraphQL Config provides a set of useful methods and an easy-to-work-with API.


    schema: ./schema.json
    documents: ./src/components/**/*.jsx

    Installation and Usage

    Visit our website to learn more about the GraphQL Config.

    Help & Community

    Join our Discord chat if you run into issues or have questions. We love talking to you!


    Contributions, issues and feature requests are very welcome. If you are using this package and fixed a bug for yourself, please consider submitting a PR!

    And if this is your first time contributing to this project, please do read our Contributor Workflow Guide before you get started off.

    Code of Conduct

    Help us keep GraphQL Config open and inclusive. Please read and follow our Code of Conduct as adopted from Contributor Covenant


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