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0.8.10 • Public • Published


Refer to full documentation, examples and more here

This package is the front-facing package of the code generator.

It parses the CLI commands into a GeneratorConfig and Settings object, and also in charge of reading and writing files from the filesystem, and execute Introspection request to remote GraphQL endpoints.

For a full CLI documentation, please refer to the main README file of the package.


gql-gen.json is a local config file, provides a custom config when using custom templates.

This is an example for a valid file:

  "flattenTypes": true,
  "primitives": {
    "String": "string",
    "Int": "number",
    "Float": "number",
    "Boolean": "boolean",
    "ID": "string"
  "customHelpers": {
    "myHelper": "./my-helper.js"

You can override the config for flattenTypes and primitives (refer to graphql-codegen-compiler package README for more info).

You can also specify JavaScript files for customHelpers when generating custom templates (the custom files should export a Function as default).