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Graphical is a very lightweight framework used to dynamically draw graphics from NodeJS straight to the browser. Graphical is great for visualizing server-side data such as X, Y coordinates and accelerometer output in real-time.

No more having to deal with console.log spamming, make your debugging graphical!

Getting started

First steps

Install graphical through NPM:

npm install --save-dev graphical

var { graphical } = require('graphical');

graphical(8111); // listen on port 8111

Graphical should now be accessible on http://localhost:8111/

Drawing Shapes

var { Rectangle, graphical } = require('graphical');


var rectangle = new Rectangle();
rectangle.setPos(0, 0);
rectangle.setSize(20, 20);

Check out ./test.js for more examples.


new Drawable()

Base class for all graphical objects.

  • .destroy() Removes the Drawable.
  • .setColor( color: String ) Sets the fill-color of the drawable. color could be any variation of a CSS-style color: "red", "#ff0000", "rgb(255, 0, 0)".
  • .setPos( x: Number, y: Number )
  • .setZ( zIndex: int = 0 ) Changes drawing order. Set z-index to a negative number to draw behind every Drawable. Set z-index to a positive number to draw in front of every Drawable. If two objects have the same z-index, then they are drawn based on creation time.

new Circle()

extends from Drawable

  • .setRadius( radius: Number )
  • .setOutlineWidth( width: Number = 0 ) Thickness of the circle's outline, in pixels.
  • .setOutlineColor( color: String )

new Rectangle()

extends from Drawable

  • .setSize( width: Number, height: Number )
  • .setWidth( width: Number )
  • .setHeight( height: Number )
  • .setOutlineWidth( width: Number = 0 ) Thickness of the rectangle's outline, in pixels.
  • .setOutlineColor( color: String )

new Line()

extends from Drawable

  • .setPos2( x: Number, y: Number ) Sets the position for the line's second end-point. (To be used in-conjunction with setPos)
  • .setWidth( width: Number ) Thickness of the line, in pixels.

new Text()

extends from Drawable

  • .setFont( font: String ) CSS-style description of font and font size. Ex: "12pt Times New Roman", "bold 12px Arial", "italic bold 16px Arial".
  • .setText( text: String )
  • .setLineHeight( lineHeight: number = 0 ) How tall each line should be (in pixels) when breaking up multi-line text. If set to 0, don't break up multiline text.
  • .setOutlineWidth( width: Number = 0 ) Thickness of the text's outline, in pixels.
  • .setOutlineColor( color: String )




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