node package manager



This module creates a graph of your node.js project(s) dependencies that includes version numbers and edges labeled according to the type of dependency. That is, devDependencies will say dev, optionalDependencies will say optional, and so on, except standard dependency edges which will not be labeled. A package found multiple times in the tree with multiple versions, will appear multiple times in the graph, once for each unique version.

It also creates an html table of the dependencies. More info below.


npm install -g graphdeps


Go into the directory that contains your npm project(s) and:

graphdeps .

A file called deps.png will be created in the current directory with a graph of the project(s) dependncies. Another file called deps.html will be created with the html table listing the dependencies information.


  • --deptypes - comma-delimited list of additional dependency types to graph (e.g. dev,optional).
  • --excludes - comma-delimited list of module names to exclude from traversal (e.g. npm,grunt).


See LICENSE file.