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    It was called "Ratatosk", then "Ratatoskr", in-house. Now that we've extracted code for a WiP of open source, we realized there was another ratatoskr. So changed to the name that of an old pub/sub-lib based on ZMQ that I never published: "Grapewire".


    This OSS-extraction is WiP - as long as you read this line - it's not ready for consumption. Expect a few more weeks or so more at least.


    • Aims to do as little as possible, only what "one would expect", and just a tiny tiny tad more
    • Routes messages to topics within you application
      • The router can be used standalone without the sub-reduction management etc.
    • Upstream subscription topic reduction
      • Important - without this functionality you will receive multiple duplicates of messages as soon as you subscribe to moderately mixed topics with different wild cards
    • Does parameter extraction
      • We've switched the route-string-syntax to Express-router syntax for familiarity
    • Variable expansion
      • %c, %u is replaced with cliend_id and username, respectively, whether in publish or subscribe
    • Queues pubs and subs when disconnected. Sends pubs first.
    • Handles reconnecting
    • Currently utilizes mqtt.js as underlying transport
      • shouldn't be to hard to refactor to allow different implementations
    • Some additions that "aren't necessary"
      • You're allowed to use * instead of +, and ** instead of #
      • You're allowed to use ** in the middle of topic-patterns: MQTT doesn't support such patterns, so upstream the topic will be as wide as where the **/# first comes into play in the pattern
      • You can subscribe to "only messages that haven't been handled" - this will not generate subscribes upstream, only catch incoming messages after the regular queue when no handler has matcher or accepted them - TODO specs must change here.
      • There's a rcv function that subscribes for exactly one message. The unsubscription is handled in the router to ensure this contract.
    • Relies on Promises (async code style)
    • There is also a Kotlin-version that we use in Android - will be open sourced shortly
    • A Swift-version for iPhone is planned.


    npm i grapewire

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