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Grand Master CAS

Grand Master CAS is a lightweight, easy library for CAS authentication

Right now, parts of Grand Master CAS depends on express, but hopefully soon it will play nicely with any node program.


npm install grand_master_cas

There are only three steps needed to get it going

1. require it
var cas = require('grand_master_cas'); // cas is an object here, not a constructor
                                       // because I return new GrandMasterCas in the module.
2. configure it
  casHost: "",   // required
  casPath: "/cas",                  // your cas login route (defaults to "/cas")
  ssl: true,                        // is the cas url https? defaults to false
  port: 443,                        // defaults to 80 if ssl false, 443 if ssl true
  service: "http://localhost:3000", // your site
  sessionName: "cas_user",          // the cas user_name will be at req.session.cas_user (this is the default)
  renew: false,                     // true or false, false is the default
  gateway: false,                   // true or false, false is the default
  redirectUrl: '/splash'            // the route that cas.blocker will send to if not authed. Defaults to '/'
3. throw it in your routes
 app.get('/splash', routes.splash);
 // grand_master_cas provides a logout
 app.get('/logout', cas.logout);
 // cas.bouncer prompts for authentication and performs login if not logged in. If logged in it passes on.
 app.get('/login', cas.bouncer, routes.login);
 // cas.blocker redirects to the redirectUrl supplied above if not logged in.
 app.get('/', cas.blocker, routes.index);

For an example express app which uses Yale University's CAS login, check out /examples/yale_cas_express. npm install node server Open your browser to localhost:3000 and you'll see a prompt to log in via Yale CAS. If you have a net id, you should be able to explore full functionality.

Once the user is logged in, Grand Master CAS sets req.session.cas_user (or your sessionName configuration option) equal to the user's username supplied by cas.


Grand Master CAS is pretty well tested. In the root dir, run npm test or make test to run all tests. Run make coverage to run the coverage tests. or just open coverage.html from the git repo in your browser to see the results of the latest coverage test.

Grand Master CAS is written by Zack Reneau-Wedeen