node package manager


Search Maven Central and easily add dependency to your Gradle build file.


Npm-style search through Maven Central repository and easy adding dependencies to Gradle buildfile.

$ npm install gradleps -g

After installation you can search through Maven Central

$ gradleps search guice --limit 5
Found 296 results. Displaying first 5: 4.0-beta
  com.jolira:guice 3.0.0
  org.jvnet.hudson:guice 3.0-rc1 3.0-20100927 1.0-XTEXT-PATCHED

You can also automatically update your build.gradle file.

$ gradleps install guice -f build.gradle 
Possible options:
 [y] 4.0-beta
 [1]  com.jolira:guice 3.0.0
 [2]  org.jvnet.hudson:guice 3.0-rc1
 [3] 3.0-20100927
Is it okay? [Y/n/1/2/3/4] choice  Y
All done!

0.0.4 - Fixed shebang to more generic (thanks to fbukevin) 0.0.3 - Just print the dependency if dependencies cannot be found.

Any contribution is welcome. Please share your ideas!