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Gracefully shutdown a server upon receiving the specified signal(s)


Shuts down a Server gracefully upon the first specified signal received by the process and executes the optional callback.

var gracefullyShutdown = require('graceful-shutdown');
var server = http.createServer();
gracefullyShutdown(server).upon('SIGINT SIGTERM').on('shutting-down', function() {
  console.log('server#close() has been called');

graceful-shutdown exports a single constructor. It may be called with or without the new keyword.

var GracefulShutdown = require('graceful-shutdown');
// these are the same: 
var gs = GracefulShutdown(server);
var gs = new GracefulShutdown(server);

The constructor accepts a single net.Server instance.

Accepts either a space delimited list of events or an array of event names. Listeners for these events will be added to the process. Once any one of these events are emitted on the process, server.close() will be executed, and all registered event listeners will be removed.

// these are the same 
var gs = GracefulShutdown(server).upon('SIGTERM SIGINT');
var gs = GracefulShutdown(server).upon(['SIGTERM', 'SIGINT']);

The GracefulShutdown instance will emit a shutting-down event when server.close() has been called. Note, this is not a listener for the server close event. If you want to listen for the server close event you must add the listener yourself.

GracefulShutdown(server).upon('SIGTERM SIGINT').on('shutting-down', function() {
  console.log('server.close() has been called');
server.on('close', console.log.bind(console, 'the server is closed'));

An alternative way to register a callback for the shutting-down event is to pass it as the second argument to GracefulShutdown.

GracefulShutdown(server, callback).upon('SITERM SIGINT');
npm install graceful-shutdown