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GPXLoad: Resource manager

GPX file Import / Export and Resource management for Signal K Server.

  • Import Routes and Waypoints from GPX files to SignalK server.

  • Export Route and Waypoint resources from Signal K server to a GPX file, preserving their UUIDs, in order to avoid resource duplication if re-imported.

  • Preview Signal K resources and GPX file contents on a map.

Note - GPXLoad no longer acts as a resource provider for the following paths:







To service these paths you will need to have an appropriate plugin installed on the Signal K server:

  • Routes and Waypoints: A resource provider such as sk-resource-fs should be used.

    Note: sk-resource-fs will enable you to continue using your existing routes and waypoints, just enter path to your exisiting resources in the configuration.

  • Course data: The Freeboard Helper plugin freeboard-sk-plugin can be used as a provider for activeRoute and nextPoint paths.


To Import a GPX file:

  1. Select the Import GPX and click Open GPX file

  2. Select a GPX file.

  3. Select the Routes and / or Waypoints from the displayed list. Note: Listed Tracks can be previewed only as Signal K specification does not define Track resources at this time.

  4. To import just selected resources of a particular type click the Load button located within that resources group. To import all selected resources click Load button at the top of the screen.

To Export resources to a GPX file:

  1. From the main screen, select the Routes and / or Waypoints from the list that you want saved to the GPX file.

  2. Click the Save button and select a destination file name.

  3. Selected resources are exported to the GPX file.


  • Clicking Refresh will reload the resource list from the Signal K server.

  • GPXLoad preserves the uuids of resources exported from Signal K server in the GPX file, so if these GPX files are re-imported they will update the corresponding resource on the Signal K server rather than create a new resource.

  • GPX files containing elements without Signal K UUID values will have UUIDs assigned each time the file is opened (or re-opened) in the WebUI. This will result in duplicate resources on the Signal K server if a GPX file is: opened, resources imported, re-opened and the same resources imported.

To Delete resources from the Server:

  1. From the main screen, select the Routes and / or Waypoints from the list that you want to the delete.

  2. Click the Delete button.

  3. You will be prompted to Confirm the deletion of the selected resources. Click Delete to remove them from the server.

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