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A library for parsing gpx data. Works against most of the Gpx v1.0 spec and Gpx v1.1. Feel free to fork if you need something specific.

More information available on the Project Page


$ npm install gpx-parse

Or with bower

$ bower install gpx-parse


The module has been designed to work within node but you can also use it on the client side using the browserfy version that can be found in the dist folder.

var gpxParse = require("gpx-parse");
//from file 
gpxParse.parseGpxFromFile("/path/to/gpxFile", function(error, data) {
    //do stuff 
//or from string 
gpxParse.parseGpx("<gpx></gpx>", function(error, data) {
    //do stuff 
// or an external file via HTTP(S) 
gpxParse.parseRemoteGpxFile("http://host.tld/my.gpx", function(error, data) {
    //do stuff 


Tests are written with nodeunit. To test make sure you have the dev dependencies installed and just run:

$ npm test