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    This package has been merged into fluid-grunt-lint-all, its functionality is available via that package.


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    This plugin uses markdown-to-ast to extract all code blocks within markdown content. Only fenced code blocks tagged with the json or json5 language will be linted:

    The following will be scanned (and report an error):
      key: "not quoted"
    The following will be scanned (and will not report an error):
        key: "not quoted"
    The following will not be scanned:
    someOperation(<garbage in>) => <garbage out>

    Each code block is linted by attempting to parse it using either JSON.parse, or the JSON5.parse method provided by the json5 library. Errors are caught and converted to a common format that includes the information needed to identify which file, line number and column number are associated with the error. Note that the first failure in a single fenced code block may prevent you from seeing subsequent errors in the same fenced code block.

    Using this Package

    Install this package in your project using npm install gpii-grunt-mdjson-lint.

    Then, update your Gruntfile.js to load our tasks and add a configuration option for this plugin.

    module.exports = function (grunt) {
            mdjsonlint: {
                src: ["./docs/*.md"]

    You should then be able to lint your markdown using a command like grunt mdjsonlint. If all scanned files pass the lint checks, the task will complete successfully. If there are linting errors, the filename, line and column of each failure



    npm i gpii-grunt-mdjson-lint

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