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A Node.js wrapper for libgphoto2. Useful for remote controlling of DSLRs and other digital cameras supported by gphoto2.

The included test application currently allows you to

  • receive a live preview of your camera (if supported). Tested with an EOS 550D on a 2010 iMac at ~17 fps using Chrome (Safari doesn't work and FF is slow as hell).
  • query a list of available configuration options
  • query the values of specific configuration options

The test suite can be run using npm test. There's also a small test application in test/ which runs on http://localhost:1337 and allows to change camera settings and to take pictures.


  • Node.js ~0.10.0
  • NPM ~1.2.15
  • libgphoto2 ~2.5.x - via brew install libgphoto2, apt-get install libgphoto2-2-dev or download and build from
  • pkg-config | dpkg (used for dependency checking)
  • clang compiler

Test/dev prerequisites

  • async
  • coffee-script
  • mocha
  • pre-commit
  • should
  • sinon
  • superagent

Test-server prerequisites

  • express
  • jade
  • underscore


After installing the dependencies, just install using:

npm install gphoto2

If it fails, please thoroughly check the output - link errors usually indicate missing dependencies. Also, the script tries to detect wether libgphoto2 is correctly installed - if this check fails although you properly installed it, please report :)


This example only shows how to achieve certain tasks, it's not meant to be executed without any asynchronous control flow logic.

var gphoto2 = require('gphoto2');
var GPhoto = new gphoto2.GPhoto2();
var fs = require('fs');
// List cameras / assign list item to variable to use below options 
GPhoto.list(function (list) {
  if (list.length === 0) return;
  var camera = list[0];
  console.log('Found', camera.model);
  // get configuration tree 
  camera.getConfig(function (er, settings) {
  // Set configuration values 
  camera.setConfigValue('capturetarget', 1, function (er) {
  // Take picture with camera object obtained from list() 
  camera.takePicture({download: true}, function (er, data) {
    fs.writeFileSync(__dirname + '/picture.jpg', data);
  // Take picture without downloading immediately 
  camera.takePicture({download: false}, function (er, path) {
  // Take picture and download it to filesystem 
    targetPath: '/tmp/foo.XXXXXX'
  }, function (er, tmpname) {
    fs.renameSync(tmpname, __dirname + '/picture.jpg');
  // Download a picture from camera 
    cameraPath: '/store_00020001/DCIM/100CANON/IMG_1231.JPG',
    targetPath: '/tmp/foo.XXXXXX'
  }, function (er, tmpname) {
    fs.renameSync(tmpname, __dirname + '/picture.jpg');
  // Get preview picture (from AF Sensor, fails silently if unsupported) 
    preview: true,
    targetPath: '/tmp/foo.XXXXXX'
  }, function (er, tmpname) {
    fs.renameSync(tmpname, __dirname + '/picture.jpg');


This project uses Semantic versioning.