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GovTrack Node

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A Node.js wrapper for the GovTrack data API.


npm install govtrack-node


// include the module 
var govTrack = require('govtrack-node');
// list current members of Congress 
govTrack.findRole({ current: true }, function(err, res) {
  if (!err) {
    // res contains JSON data response 
govTrack.findPerson({ gender: 'male', lastname: 'smith' }, function(err, res) {
  if (!err) {
    // res contains JSON data response 


This module mirrors the GovTrack API endpoints as detailed at Please refer to this link for more information on available parameters and the returned data.

Each function takes two parameters -- 1) params which can either be an ID number or an object which contain key-value pairs to filter on and 2) a callback function which will be invoked after the API call is made. callback will be passed err and res as its parameters. err will hold any error information if an error occurs during the call and res will contain a JSON object containing the query result if successful.


findBill(params, callback): More info at


findCosponsorship(params, callback): More info at


findPerson(params, callback): More info at


findRole(params, callback): More info at


findVote(params, callback): More info at

Vote Voters

findVoteVoter(params, callback): More info at


Data is provided by GovTrack. You must agree to their Data Terms of Service located at

This module is released under the MIT License.

Copyright 2013 Mark Guerra