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    Simple Node module used to control Govee Light Strips over BLE.


    npm install govee-bt-lightstrips

    Supported Models

    Currently supported and tested models are:

    • H6182 RGB Bluetooth + WiFi TV Backlight LED Strip
    • H6160 RGB Bluetooth + WiFi Waterproof 16.4 ft. LED Strip

    Module should probably work with other Govee lightstrip and light bulb models supporting bluetooth. Add model strings in the MODELS array in the Constants file.


    The module can be used to control:

    • Power:
      • Turn led strip on or off
    • RGB Color
      • Turn led strip to any RGB color using hex
    • Tunable White Color
      • Turn led strip to any white color temperature. Uses different LEDs than the RGB.
    • Brightness
      • Turn led brightness from 0x0 (off) to 0xFF (255 or 100%)

    Exported Methods

    • debug(on: boolean)
      • Turn debug mode on/off. Adds debug print statements to help debug.
    • startDiscovery()
      • Start discovery of bluetooth devices.
    • stopDiscovery()
      • Stops discovery of bluetooth devices.
    • getListOfStrips(): [GoveeLEDStrip]
      • Retrieves currently connected list of LED strips
    • setColorOfStrip(ledStrip: GoveeLightStrip, newColor: Color, isWhite: boolean): GoveeLightStrip | undefined
      • Set the color of the given LED strip to the given color. If isWhite is true, will set to the given white color shade. Returns the changed LED strip to keep track of the changes.
    • setBrightnessOfStrip(ledStrip: GoveeLightStrip, newBrightness: number): GoveeLightStrip | undefined
      • Set the brightness of the given LED Strip to given brightness. Returns the changed LED strip to keep track of the changes.
    • setPowerOfStrip(ledStrip: GoveeLightStrip, power: boolean): GoveeLightStrip | undefined
      • Set the power of the given LED Strip. Returns the changed LED strip to keep track of the changes.
    • registerScanStart(callback: Function)
    • registerScanStop(callback: Function)
    • registerDiscoveryCallback(callback: ((ledStrip: GoveeLightStrip) => void))
      • Registers a callback to discovery of any ledStrip. Useful to keep track of all the ledStrips connected.
    • colorToHex(c: Color): string
      • Converts a Color to a hex string (Helper)
    • hexToColor(s: string): Color
      • Converts a hex string to a color (Helper)


    registerDiscoveryCallback(async (ledStrip) => 
      setPowerOfStrip(ledStrip, true); // turn on
      setBrightnessOfStrip(ledStrip, 0xFF); // max brightness
      setColorOfStrip(ledStrip, hexToColor("ff0000"), false); // color to red
      // Save instance of ledStrip for further use
    // Turn on debug statements
    // Start Discovery



    Stores a Govee LED strip and it's details

    • uuid: string UUID of the device
    • name: string Bluetooth advertised name of the device
    • model: string Model string of the device
    • writeCharacteristic: noble.Characteristic Write Characteristic of the BLE device
    • color: Color Current color of the device
    • isWhite: boolean Is the current color a shade of white
    • brightness: number Current brightness between 0 and 255
    • power: boolean Current power state of the device


    Stores a color as the RGB values. Uses helper functions to convert to and from a hex string

    • red: number
    • green: number
    • blue: number


    The work for reverse engineering the bluetooth protocol wasn't done by me and this was only possible because of BeauJBurroughs's work here

    Also used the shades of white researched and listed here


    npm i govee-bt-lightstrips

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