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command line program for marking directories for quick and easy access

npm install gotomark -g

The installer will ask you what your shell profile is called, defaulting to .bash_profile. This location is saved within the ~/.gotomark folder. When the installer is finished, source your profile:

$ source ~/<profile name>

After which you will have two new commands available to you: mark and goto. Both take an optional single argument denoting the short name of the place you would like to mark or goto.

basic usage:

mark [place]
goto [place]

list marks

mark -l
goto -l      # these do the same thing

delete mark

mark -d [markName]  # mark name has to be exact

mark -d             # find the markname for the current directory and delete it


evan@~$ cd dev/                      # currently in home dir

evan@dev$ mark                       # marking dev/ as default

evan@dev$ cd                         # going back to home dir

evan@~$ goto                         # going to default [~/dev/]

evan@dev$ cd gotomark/               # going to a new dir

evan@gotomark (master)$ mark gm      # marking as 'gm'

evan@gotomark (master)$ cd           # leaving directory

evan@~$ goto gm                      # going to 'gm'

evan@gotomark (master)$ pwd          # showing in new dir

==Thanks to

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