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Google APIs Node.js Client

This is a software which will convert the Spreadsheet into the JSON using Google API ### Beta Version

This library is in Beta version.


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  • If you've found an bug/issue, please file it on . Or you can always reach me with the bug at


This library is distributed on npm. To add it as a dependency, run the following command:

$ npm install google-spreadsheet-json --save

Example Usage

var GoogleSpreadsheetJSON = require('google-spreadsheet-json');
        //Handle the error 
       //Do with the response 

Application Default Credentials

This library provides an implementation of application default credentials for Node.js.

The Application Default Credentials provide a simple way to get authorization credentials for use in calling Google APIs.

They are best suited for cases when the call needs to have the same identity and authorization level for the application independent of the user. This is the recommended approach to authorize calls to Cloud APIs, particularly when you're building an application that uses Google Compute Engine.