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Upload APKs to Google Play

This package offers a streamlined way to publish packages in the Google Play Store


npm install -g google-play-publisher

Play Store setup

First you have to create a Google Play API Access. To do that go to the Google Play Developer Console and then with the account owner go to Settings -> API access and create a Google Play Android Developer project.

After that follow the instructions to create a Service Account. When you click Create Client ID, choose Service Account. You will get a JSON file with a public key and the service email.


google-play-publisher \
  --auth api.json \
  --recent-changes "en-US=`cat changes.txt`" \
  /path/to/Package.apk \
  /path/to/Expansion.obb \  # optional
  /path/to/Expansion2.obb   # optional

Other options

  • --track Specify track for this release. Can be alpha, beta, production or rollout. Default: alpha

Using the API

var publisher = require('google-play-publisher')({
  client_email: '',
  private_key: '',
var changes = fs.readFileSync('changes.txt')
// track can be alpha, beta, production or rollout 
publisher.upload('/path/to/apk', {
  track: 'beta', // default alpha 
  obbs: [  // optional expansion files (max 2) 
  recentChanges: {
    'en-US': changes
}, function (err) {