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Wanted to accesss my personal calendar, NOT the one of Google Apps, and found no good example for node.js with service account without any interaction.


npm install google-oauth-serviceaccount


  1. Create your service account and enable calendar access(thanks to this post):
>    a) Log in into the Google account you want to use to manage your projects.
>    b) Go to
>    c) Create a project. You will get issued a project number, in our example
>    we'll use 99999999999.
>    d) Allow the project to use the calendar API:
>    -> services (left pane), then find 'calendar api' and set the button 'on'
>    e) Create a Service Account.
>    -> API access (left pane); select 'create service account'
>    Part of the procedure is that you'll get a PKCS#12 bundle, which you can
>    download and should store on your appserver in a secure location. Your
>    app should be able to access it, but outsiders should not be allowed to
>    download it.
  1. Store the p12 file into pem with openssl(thank this)

    $ openssl pkcs12 -in yourkey.p12 -out yourkey.pem -nodes
    type "notasecret" for password.

  2. Share the calendar with your developer account

    Calendar "Settings" -> "Share this calendar", at "Share with specific people", put the email address of developer account choosing a permission you want, then "add person". The address should be like "".

  3. Edit oahtu-config.json and place key.pem which generated in step 2.

     "keyFile": "key.pem"
    ,"expiresInMinuteas": 60
  1. Test with test.js.

    if successfull, you'll see an access token:

  2. Enjoy with calendar APIs. You may try listEvents.js.

Usage example:

const request = require('request');
const gaccount = require('./google-oauth-serviceaccount');
const calRoot = "";
gaccount.auth(function(err, access_token){
    var token = "?access_token="+access_token;
        }, function(err, res, body){
            for(var c=0; c<body.items.length; c++){
                    }, function(err, res, cal){