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interface for the Google Feed API


This node module is a minimal implementation of the Google Feed API. Method names and usage are almost the same as the Google Feed API, although there has been added som additional methods to ease retrieval of items from feeds.

Create an instance:

var gfeed = require('google-feed-api');

Construct a Feed-object from an URL:

var feed = new gfeed.Feed('');

Use one of the methods .load(callback), .includeHistoricalEntries(), .setNumEntries(num), .setResultFormat(format) documented at Google Feed API or use one of the following additional methods:

feed.listItems(callback(items)); // returns an array of items

Raw output:

gfeed.findFeeds('Politiken', callback(result)); // JSON object

List output:

gfeed.listFeeds('Politiken', callback(items)); // array