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Google Personal/Shared Drive Index Backup



This is A BackUp repo of Official Google Drive Index By ParveenBhadoo...

Full Whitelabel and Customizable Index | One of a kind


  • If your index stopped working, that means you're using old config, please generate new code with features and bug fixes.

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Note: The Changes in your workers config can effect later due to cache. Use incognito mode everytime to open the worker URL to overcome that issue.

Project Website

Demo Site

How to

  • Stable Release 2.0.18 on
  • Beta Version (Latest) - (Dark Theme Available)
  • If you want to deploy main drive leave the option ROOT as it is.
  • If you want to deploy your Team Drive/Shared Drive/Folder then copy the ID and replace it with ROOT.
  • Eg. if you open this shared drive - 0AOM2i7MQiuWIUk9PVA is its ID.
  • Authenticate and copy the code from Google and paste it into Authorization Code Box.
  • Click on Get Code to Generate Code and Copy it for later use.
  • Now Create Cloudflare account and verify email or login with existing account.
  • Find Workers and Open it.
  • Create your sub-domain or continue if already done.
  • Select the Free Plan.
  • Click on Create a Worker.
  • You can rename the workers at top of the page.
  • Now paste the code you copied before.
  • Click on Save and Deploy.
  • Done. (May take time for some users due to new account or cache issues)
  • Watch Video

Basic Config

          "id": "root",
          "name": "Drive One",
          "protect_file_link": false,
         // "auth": {"username":"password"} /* Remove double slash before "auth" to activate id password protection */

Multiple ID Config

  • Add this code for each drive. see cloudflare workers code for more info. (requires common sense)
          "id": "root",
          "name": "Drive One",
          "protect_file_link": false,
         // "auth": {"username":"password"} /* Remove double slash before "auth" to activate id password protection */
          "id": "root",
          "name": "Drive Two",
          "protect_file_link": false,
         // "auth": {"username":"password", "username1":"password1"} /* Remove double slash before "auth" to activate id password protection */

Service Account

  • Multiple Service Accounts are supported.
  • set "service_account": false to "service_account": true
  • Replace {} with data from service account file.json

Multiple Users Password

  • For single user
            // "auth": {"username":"password"} /** remove double slash at starting of this line to use password. */
  • For multiple users (unlimited users)
          "id": "",
          "name": "Drive Two",
          "protect_file_link": false,
          // "auth": { "user1":"pass1", "user2":"pass2", }  /** remove double slash at starting of this line to use password. */
  • where "user1":"pass1" and "user2":"pass2" are combinations.
  • if users adds "auth":{"":""} empty values then the site will ask for authentication but user can enter without entering any data by clicking submit.

Use of .password File

  • This is directory encryption added by the original author.
  • Add a .password file your required password in your folder which you want to protect, each folder should have its own .password file.
  • The password is stored inside the Google Drive Folder, not the index and the .password file is hidden an cannot be accessed using Index.
  • Example use and password is thispassword

Brand Customization

  • In Latest Release, you can rebrand the Index as per your needs.
  • Each line has its own custom feature. Edit as per your needs.
  • You can remove credit option but we request you not to.
  • See Below code to understand Customization.
const uiConfig = {
    "theme": "slate", // switch between themes, default set to vapor, select from
    "version": "2.0.18", // don't touch this one. get latest code using generator at
    // If you're using Image then set to true, If you want text then set it to false
    "logo_image": true, // true if you're using image link in next option.
    "logo_height": "", // only if logo_image is true
    "logo_width": "100px", // only if logo_image is true
    "favicon": "",
    // if logo is true then link otherwise just text for name
    "logo_link_name": "",
    "fixed_header": true, // If you want the footer to be flexible or fixed.
    "header_padding": "60", // Value 60 for fixed header, Value 20 for flexible header. Required to be changed accordingly in some themes.
    "fixed_footer": false, // If you want the footer to be flexible or fixed.
    "header_style_class": "navbar-dark bg-primary", // navbar-dark bg-primary || navbar-dark bg-dark || navbar-light bg-light
    "footer_style_class": "bg-primary", // bg-primary || bg-dark || bg-light
    "css_a_tag_color": "white", // Color Name or Hex Code eg. #ffffff
    "css_p_tag_color": "white", // Color Name or Hex Code eg. #ffffff
    "folder_text_color": "white", // Color Name or Hex Code eg. #ffffff
    "loading_spinner_class": "text-light", //
    "search_button_class": "btn-outline-success", //
    "path_nav_alert_class": "alert alert-primary", //
    "file_view_alert_class": "alert alert-danger", //
    "file_count_alert_class": "alert alert-secondary", //
    "contact_link": "", // Link to Contact Button on Menu
    "copyright_year": "2050", // year of copyright, can be anything like 2015 - 2020 or just 2020
    "company_name": "", // Name next to copyright
    "company_link": "", // link of copyright name
    "credit": true, // Set this to true to give us credit
    "display_size": true, // Set this to false to hide display file size
    "display_time": false, // Set this to false to hide display modified time for folder and files
    "display_download": true, // Set this to false to hide download icon for folder and files on main index
    "disable_player": false, // Set this to true to hide audio and video players
    "custom_srt_lang": "", // Subtitle Language Code for Custom .vtt language.
    "disable_video_download": false, // Remove Download, Copy Button on Videos
    "second_domain_for_dl": false, // If you want to display other URL for Downloading to protect your main domain.
    "downloaddomain": "", // If "second_domain_for_dl": true then enter downloaddomain otherwise keep empty. eg. No Trailing '/'
    "poster": "", // Video poster URL or see Readme to how to load from Drive
    "audioposter": "", // Video poster URL or see Readme to how to load from Drive
    "jsdelivr_cdn_src": "", // If Project is Forked, then enter your Github repo
    "render_head_md": true, // Render
    "render_readme_md": true, // Render
    "display_drive_link": false, // This will add a Link Button to Google Drive of that particular file.
    "plyr_io_version": "3.6.4", // Change version in future when needed.
    "plyr_io_video_resolution": "16:9" // For reference, visit:
    "unauthorized_owner_link": "", // Unauthorized Error Page Link to Owner
    "unauthorized_owner_email": "", // Unauthorized Error Page Owner Email
    "arc_code": "jfoY2h19" // Integraion Code, get yours from
}; Integration

  • is embedded in code to support
  • if you have approved account, use your code.
  • incase you don't have arc account and want to support us, please keep our code in your index.
  • if anyone doesn't want to support us and want to remove arc, remove this line from workers code.


  • There are 25 Themes from bootswatch official Bootstrap Themes.
  • You can check Theme from before selecting.
  • To Change theme, first generate the code, paste in Cloudflare Workers and then select one theme code from below and paste it in line 56 of worker script.
cerulean cosmo cyborg darkly flatly journal
litera lumen lux materia minty pulse
sandstone simplex sketchy slate solar spacelab
superhero united yeti vapor morph quartz

Audio and Video

  • Poster for Video is added as default.
  • Fetch Video Poster from Google Drive, uses default if none available.

Search Limitations

  • Search only works if you use Shared Drive ID or root.
  • Search won't work or the bar won't appear if you're using Folder ID inside from root or Shared Drive.

Sorting by Name or Modified Time

  • Find params.orderBy in workers code L623 and L710.
  • use params.orderBy = 'folder,name,modifiedTime desc'; to sort by File and Folder Name.
  • use params.orderBy = 'folder,modifiedTime desc,name'; to sort by Modified Time.
  • A comma-separated list of sort keys. Valid keys are 'createdTime', 'folder', 'modifiedByMeTime', 'modifiedTime', 'name', 'name_natural', 'quotaBytesUsed', 'recency', 'sharedWithMeTime', 'starred', and 'viewedByMeTime'. Each key sorts ascending by default, but may be reversed with the 'desc' modifier. Example usage: ?orderBy=folder,modifiedTime desc,name. Please note that there is a current limitation for users with approximately one million files in which the requested sort order is ignored.

Making your own repo, editing and making changes

  • Fork this Repo or Import.
  • Make your changes in app.js and workers-beta.js files.
  • Make a new release in Github.
  • Change jsDelivr CDN URL and version code in workers-beta.js.
  • Deploy in Cloudflare Workers.

Get Google_Client_ID and Secret and Generate Token

  • Open Google Dev Credentials Site.
  • Create a Project, name as you like.
  • Enable Drive API
  • In Credentials Page Click Create Credentials and then Click OAuth Client ID.
  • Click Configure Consent Screen.
  • Select External.
  • Fill your APP Details
  • Select Scope as (wait few hours if Google Drive is not showing up if you've just enabled the scope) or
  • You can also enter manual scope and click on add to table and then save or update.
  • Proceed with Save and Continue.
  • Add your email id you want to use as test user, upto 100 emails maximum. (Because you are not verified)
  • In Credentials Page Click Create Credentials and then Click OAuth Client ID.
  • Select Desktop App.
  • Now you have your own CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET.
  • Copy your details and save for future use.
  • Copy this code.
  • Replace Line 6 and 7 with your own CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET.
  • Paste this code in Cloudflare Workers and follow the site.

Upcoming Changes

  • Adding More Features from other Indexes.

Other Indexes



  • This project is not associated with Google, this project uses Google Drive API to Index Files and Folders.
  • These Index's are written by someone else, possibly by donva and maple3142.
  • Beta Version is redesigned using Bootstrap from Alpha Version by @AmirulAndalib.
  • This Repo was imported from yanzai and then modified for personal use. After requests from many users made public with user requirements.

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