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HTTP dashboard for Nodejitsu's godot; A port of riemann-dash


A javascript, dashboard for Godot. A port of riemann-dash from ruby/sinatra to node.js.

Get started

$ sudo npm install godot-dash -g
$ godot-dash

Then open http://localhost:1338 in a browser.


Use this if you want to just create a dashboard server with minimal ceremony.

Takes an options hash with the following properties:

  • mount: Where to mount the dashboard (defaults to /)
  • config: File location for the config file (defaults to ./godot-dash/config.json )

Returns an HTTP server with an extra method, register.

Usage looks something like this:

var godot = require('godot'),
    dash = require('godot-dash');
var dashboard = dash
  type: 'tcp',
  reactors: [

Register the dashboard reactor with godot, as "dashboard". Returns server.

Returns a middleware. Options are the same as those of dash.createServer. You can use this if you want to add the godot dashboard to an existing middleware stack without creating a new server.

Returns a reactor constructor. Pass in an http server to attach to. You can use this in conjunction with dash.middleware to add the dashboard to an existing middleware stack.

In order to use a third-party godot reactor, one must register it with godot by running something like:

var Dashboard = dash.reactor(server); // server is an http server 
godot.reactor.register('dashboard', Dashboard);